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We are GOALS for Autism

GOALS for Autism is an Applied Behavior Analysis company dedicated to providing quality and comprehensive services to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Emotional Disturbances and other related Developmental Disorders. In 2009 GOALS for Autism, Inc. opened its doors with the goal of providing services to the whole family, not just individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

GOALS for Autism, Inc. provides a variety of services including, but not limited to 1:1 Applied Behavior Analysis home programs for individuals at any age, in school Applied Behavior Analysis supports, Social Skills Groups for all levels and ages, parent and community awareness trainings, and a variety of therapeutic groups based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Please explore our website to learn more about specific programs or find a combination of programs to fit your family's needs.

Our Mission

GOALS for Autism, Inc. is devoted to increasing the quality of life for families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders and other special needs. As a company we understand the daily stress and worry placed on a family with a special needs child. We are dedicated to providing quality comprehensive educational, behavioral, community and social skills. Our goal is to assist the entire family and to create an environment where everyone thrives to meet their potential.

Diversity Statement

At GOALS for Autism our commitment to transparency empowers us to build connection and to support inclusivity. Every person has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. We honor all people regardless of identity, gender, age, neurodivergence, religious preference or culture. We understand that only through prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion can we recognize each other’s strengths, understand our weaknesses, and move towards a better future for all. We embody compassion through how we treat others and ourselves as part of the community whose lives we impact. We prioritize personal and group responsibility, understanding, and respect in our work and in our actions outside of work to create more diverse and inclusive spaces.

GOALS for Autism is a community that looks towards the future driven by the values of equity and sustainability for all people and places around the planet. As a company, we engage in anti-racism training. Once a quarter we analyze hiring data to determine where we need to set key performance indicators. We also engage our hiring and recruiting department to ensure we are looking for a diverse hiring pool. We identify employee resource groups for new hires by providing mentors within the first six months of employment.

Declaration de Diversidad

En GOALS for Autism, nuestro compromiso con la transparencia nos permite construir conexiones y apoyar la inclusión. Toda persona tiene derecho a ser tratada con dignidad y respeto. Honramos a todas las personas independientemente de su identidad, genero, edad, neurodivergencia, preferencia religiosa o cultura. Entendemos que solo priorizando la diversidad, la equidad y al inclusión podemos reconocer las fortalezas de los demás, comprender nuestras debilidades y avanzar hacia un futuro mejor para todos. Encarnamos la compasión a través de como tratamos a los demás y a nosotros mismos como parte de la comunidad cuyas vidas impactamos. Priorizamos la responsabilidad personal y grupal, la comprensión y el respeto en nuestro trabajo y en nuestras acciones fuera del trabajo para crear espacios más diversos e inclusivos.

GOALS for Autism es una comunidad que mira hacia el futuro impulsado por los valores de equidad y sostenibilidad para todas las personas y lugares del planeta. Como empresa, participamos en la formación contra el racismo. Una vez al trimestre, analizamos los datos de contratación para determinar donde debemos establecer indicadores claves de rendimiento. También involucramos a nuestro departamento de contratación y reclutamiento para asegurarnos de que estamos buscando un grupo de contratación diverso. Identificamos grupos de recursos de empleados para nuevas contrataciones proporcionando mentores dentro de los primeros seis meses de empleo.